Impact of Escorting on my Personal Relationship

I am a high-class London escort who has had a normal life according to those who might see me on the outside. However, life has not been easy. After four years in the industry, I finally realize that it affects me more than I know. I am beginning to see how it is getting harder to relate with close friends and relatives.

How did I become an escort?

Being an escort girl has never crossed my mind again in my life. I had always wanted to be a chef when I was growing up. In fact, it is still in my future goals and aspirations. I got my first job as a masseuse right after high school. It was here that I started getting offers from men who were willing to pay generously for a “special” type of massage. It was weird initially, but I was enjoying the easy money that came along with it. No one hates making a lot of money in just a short amount of time. I later joined an escort agency in east London where I would get better paid and flowing jobs. However, I sometimes feel like my current lifestyle affects my ability to participate in “normal” life again. I don’t want it to change my life. Currently am exclusively enjoying my work as it lasts before embarking on my dream career if it ever happens.

Lots of challenges in this line of work

Almost everyone who joins this industry is seeking a means of survival. Once you get in, you will have to experience some form of violence along the way. This has not been an exemption for me. I have had an encounter once with a Russian client who was drunk. I realized this when he locked me up in the room and started insisting that I find another friend for a threesome. It was on a building site and a Sunday evening, so no one was around. After some time, I rang a friend and asked if I could go out to meet her. When he agreed, I ran out and had to climb a fence when getting away.

You can also come across a scammer who wants you first to undress to see what he is paying for. He will then make up an excuse and leave without paying. Or the ones who are really aggressive, and you don’t want to risk telling them to stop in fear of what they might do to you. Most escorts I know in London either drink or take drugs to reduce the trauma that is sometimes too much to bear. I have seen the negative effects substance use has had on my family. I do want to risk such.

It might affect my regular life.

Most people claim that the sex trade is a threat to committed relationships and marriages. I think this is true, and it’s affecting me in particular. I have witnessed close friends who have experienced relationship breakups mainly from guilt, jealousy, and constant lying. Sometimes it feels like you are selling out your soul. I have been using mental separation to cope with the tension, but it is getting more difficult living a normal life. I need to quit once and for all. However, I don’t see that happening soon since I am afraid, I won’t secure a well-paying job as escorting does.